About Us

NGPstoreusa.com, a division of NGP, LLC is located in a greater Seattle area and is a world wide distributor that specializes in providing customers with worlds most technologically advanced electronics such as: GSM cell phones, Internet Tablets, IPads, Notebooks, Laptops, Cameras and other other electronic accessories.

NGPstoreusa.com carries a huge variety of GSM Phones and PDAs from the most recognized brands such as: Apple, Blackberry, Canon, Google, OnePlus, SONY, SAMSUNG and many more.

NGPstoreusa.com is known for delivering superior customers service and high-quality products at a wholesale price.

In this highly competitive market our mission is to constantly find ways to deliver superior customer service, top-quality products at under market prices guaranteed.

If you have any questions about this Web site or any of our products, please feel free to contact us support@ngpstoreusa.com