TriPollar STOP Eye

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  • TriPollar STOP Eye
  • TriPollar STOP Eye
  • TriPollar STOP Eye
  • TriPollar STOP Eye
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TriPollar STOP Eye


  • Accurate and focused treatment;Just right for real results
  • Safe for delicate skin areas
  • Pleasant and quick
  • The best of RF innovation from the RF market’s leader

TriPollar® RF is clinically and histopathologically proven to simultaneously, homogeneously and volumetrically heat both superficial (dermal) and deep (hypodermal) layers while treating the body and Face. The focused Tripollar RF− due to its high density− enables the use of low energy, thereby providing immediate and long-lasting results. The deep heating encourages the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in tighter and smoother skin. In addition, for the body, heating the fat cells accelerates metabolism and causes them to shrink, resulting in body shaping and minimized cellular appearance. Simple to use and remarkably efficient, TriPollar treatments deliver body shaping, skin tightening, reduction of cellulite and treatment of wrinkles from the first treatment, and long-lasting results after a course of treatments, without surgery or downtime.

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